3 Key Features of Popular WordPress Sites

WordPress is one of the popular frameworks for new sites because it allows for easy navigation, flawless content and responsive site design. WordPress has also stated that its framework accounts for 17 percent of the web’s site design. It’s not hard to see what’s so great about WordPress. You can customize it in a variety of ways, and it’s the best way to create a site for any industry or content. You can create e-commerce sites just as easily as an artist’s portfolio home page. There are a few features that almost all WordPress sites and apps have in common that make them the most popular.

1. Mobile Browser’s Delight

Responsive design is key to having a website in the new digital age. As mobile browsing is set to overtake desktop browsing by 2014, your site must be accessible to people at all times. Responsive web design means that your site’s images, navigation and features are all streamlined to fit the screens and actions of mobile users.

2. Social Media

Nothing allows for better social media integration than WordPress. It’s practically built in from the start. You can easily share content on all social networks using a variety of plugins and features from WordPress. Social media allows content to reach more eyes and ears on the web, which makes it an important step to include sharing icons and features.

3. Multiple Points of Customization

There are thousands of WordPress themes and other ways to customize your site using the WordPress framework. Whether you’re creating a site or a mobile application, you can add beautiful images that animate on action input, seamless navigation and e-commerce tools that make shopping into a real pleasure. WordPress allows for these customizations through multiple page styles, widgets and plugins.

In addition to the above, WordPress is also constantly upgraded and provides exceptional support to its users, which means that almost all bugs and issues can be fixed in a timely manner. Mobile App Innovator has worked consistently to provide incredible mobile apps for WordPress using its simple yet remarkable framework.