4 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Business

Small business owners and sales representatives unite. There are thousands of applications out there vying for your tapping fingertips, but these mobile applications are essential for getting work done fast, generating leads, managing team projects and just communicating between departments.

1. Contactuality

This business app allows you to make more business opportunities including lead contacts and introductions between clients. The app keeps track of you’ve been in contact with over the course of the week and also shows how times you’ve reached out to certain contacts. With a recent activity feed, recommended actions and actions to take, you can easily manage all of our business relationships. The app also provides for individual or team-based features.

2. Basecamp

This is the ultimate tool for managing team projects. If you’re on the road, it’s easy to check in on the status and look at tasks of team members while also being able to review client approvals and input. The app includes an app progress, calendar and “Me” feed which lists actions and tasks that you have left to complete or just documents that you need to look at from other team members.

3. SignNow

Business owners don’t have time to go to the office for everything, but they still need to sign for important documents. SignNow is an app with a simple concept, but it’s one that made it quite simple to sign documents wherever someone goes. It allows for business owners to sign off on new projects to even more important contracts.

4. Mobile App Innovator

It’s a shameless plug but considering that it does so much, we don’t feel quite so bad talking about the great features that Mobile App Innovator provides for businesses. You can create any type of mobile app in real time from WordPress using this app by VR Business Marketing. These custom apps are also available for Android, Apple, Blackberry and Windows 8 platforms.

5. MobileDay

For reminders, there’s nothing better than MobileDay because it keeps you updated on productivity and it can pull meets from your calendar. You can instantly have reminders for conference calls and even allows you to enter these calls when ready, thus saving a lot of time.

Some other apps that business people love include Skype, Asana, LinkedIn, Square and Workflowy.