Are iPhone and iPad Users Overtaking Android?

The Apple Insider posted an article that showed Apple iOS has grown to be the dominant mobile browsing method in the United States. In August 2013, its share of the mobile browsing market was 65.04 percent compared to 30.23 percent for Android according to and Piper Jaffray. Today, the numbers are about equal, but Apple looks to overtake Android with its release of iPhone 6 later this year. The numbers also show that Android’s mobile web browsing grew as well, but it isn’t dominating the market like the iPhone and iPad. What’s the reason behind this growth?

Gene Munster suggests that it’s because the Apple iPhone is more popular in America, where numbers show it makes up more than 50 percent of new smartphone device sales for Verizon and AT&T, which are the two biggest mobile carriers in the United States.

Munster also stated that iOS users interact more with their phones on a daily basis than the average Android customer. Apple also has a dominance over the tablet market with iPad, which is on the same iOS as the iPhone. The newest data confirms that iPhone and iPad users are more active web browsers than Android users. Apple Chief Executive Tom Cook stated early in 2013 that the Apple iPad commands 84 percent of the traffic from tablets.

While these numbers obviously change from year to year, it must be quite unsettling for Android to be down by 30 percent in web browsing for the United States. The numbers also don’t consider the worldwide web browsing statistics, which could possibly set Android higher since it’s a more universally accepted smartphone.

Android must also start competing on a higher level with their tablet technologies. It’s clear that the iPad is on top for tablet browsing, but there are plenty of ways that Android could change that around as many mobile users around the globe prefer Android mobile applications.

Even though both mobile platforms are gaining grounds, it’s clear that businesses have to cater to mobile users and offer mobile apps that include ecommerce, information, location, maps and much more. While some small business seek to advertise solely online or through print, they are missing a large market if they don’t have a mobile app.

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