The Mega Monday Plugin Review: Top Plugins for WordPress in 2015

These free WordPress plugins got chosen because they were have the most usable, stable and flexible options, but overall, they’re just so dang useful. In truth, any WordPress website could find use for these plugins. From small business to bloggers, using these plugins can save you time, boost your traffic and easily get your posts blasted to social media in seconds.

Duplicate Post

Want to clone your posts and pages? Duplicate Post makes it quick and easy work. You can use the same format from another post and simple plug in your new website content. Likewise if you build pages, it’s easy to make templates with Duplicate Post. You can cut your content writing and page building time dramatically with this free plugin.

Word Stats

This handy plugin improves your site’s readability in just a few stats. The plugin gives you reports on the number and percentage of posts by type, includes the top 20 keywords, the total word count and a graph with monthly word counts for all post types. It also provides the percentages of posts by readability including basic, intermediate and advanced. You can also see tables for posts that may have been too short, too long, too simple or lacked relevant keywords.

Swiftype Search

You don’t have to load up your web server with this plugin. It replaces the standard WordPress search. It gives you a search bar that includes auto suggest. You can get relevant search results for any type of content on your site.

AddThis Smart Layers

You can increase your engagement, traffic and revenue using this social tool. It’s called SmartLayers because it makes your site smarter. You can add share buttons and follow buttons so that every visitor to your site has a chance to engage with everything you post. You can also recommend additional content to keep visitors interested and browsing your content.

Juiz Social Post Sharer

While the old plugin Flare was amazing, it’s no longer being updated. However, Juiz Social Post Shareer is a new social plugin that has a total shares count reporting tool as well. One thing that’s a problem is that you can’t customize the share buttons. However, that feature could be added soon.

WP Social SEO Booster

With this free plugin, you can easily add Facebook Open Graph, Google Rich Snippets and Twitter Card to boost your site’s search engine visibility. It’s actually the only plugin of its kind because it has a variety of microdata that is supported in Google.

Social Metrics

Social Metrics is a neat plugin that allows you to you to track how you’re doing across all of your social networking sites. You can look at how your content is being shared on Digg, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can also get performance reports on all of your pages and posts in a tabular format. There are a variety of other features to check out with this do-it-all plugin, so make sure you install it to see how everything works.

Google Pagespeed Insights for WordPress

It’s important to always know how your site is responding when others try to access it. If you want to see how your site is performing on mobile and desktop with a definitive guide to what’s slowing it down or making it difficult to load, this plugin can also give you feedback on what parts of your site you need to update or change.