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According to ComScore (2014), 53% of online consumption in the U.S. happens on a tablet or mobile device. Following this clear statistic, it is necessary to face reality: digital campaigns and responsive (user friendly) sites are not an option any longer. They are a necessity.

We develop social strategies that go beyond traditional channels and platforms to generate results at all touch points with clients. Our team has plenty of experience in developing and managing creative and media campaigns.

The digital market generates huge amounts of timely, accurate and applicable data. The ability to identify, capture, manipulate and understand this information is vital to create, coordinate and refine social media small business campaigns that build brands reputation and generate sales.

At VR Business Marketing, we provide the most sophisticated and effective means of media planning and management across all digital channels including video, display, mobile and social.

Contact us for integrated small business solutions that optimize direct response results at all touch points with consumers.


Spot and target brilliant revenue possibilities.

VR Business Marketing helps you sell online. If you want to integrate your small business to digital to sell your products or services worldwide, we will asssist you by implementing a top-notch virtual store.

We handle various solutions, either commercial or custom-made, with management modules to control your site visitors, sales, payments, etc.

How do we do it?

  • We optimize sales conversion and online stores.
  • We manage your small business operations to improve quality and profitability.
  • We ensure that overall technology works. It is secure and scalable.
  • We train our team of professionals in e-commerce.

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Based on years of experience, our methodology is second to none.

We strive for conversion and improved profitability from online stores. We closely work with our clients on strategy, technology, customer service, small business online operations, payments and usability, to increase sales.


We help our clients define the strategy of their online store: how, where and when to compete. We support them to differentiate what prices to set, how to invest and what to optimize to be more profitable.

Strategy. We help you identify and keep that compelling value proposition on track. We monitor daily key indicators of online stores to optimize conversion rates and small business profitability.

Operation. We help our customers with their e-commerce operations, to be efficient and profitable. At VR Business Marketing, we remove that complexity from our customers so they can focus on growing their stores.

Conversion. Improving conversion is the goal of any small business online store. It implies that the same resources will get more sales. And that means more profitability. We help our customers improve their conversion.

Support. One of the key success factors in an online store is professional support, a proactive multi-channel customer attention. We help manage communication with customers in a unified manner.

Become adept at meeting the needs of visitors to generate sales and provide customers with a satisfying shopping experience. Learn more here!


Set up a unique and brilliant online brand identity.

By analyzing traffic, multivariate experiments, analytical ecommerce, and seeking continuous improvement of the conversion of online stores, we help our clients maximize sales and profitability. Yet, the brand story matters, too.

Every small business has an interesting story to transmit. Our objective is to make sure your messages generates engagement. Thus, we help you develop an internet brand identity that will entertain your niche in a unique way!

With a collaborative spirit, we will help you develop social brand equity that will impact all aspects of your business in a profoundly positive way.

Establish and Connect. Get to engage and connect with users via social networks, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Buzz. Create amusing content, organize tournaments, contests, promos, etc. Word of mouth will take you to the top.

Resonate. Constantly inform your audience and bring the noise in a superb way. Make your brand image memorable.

Create. Increase the number of satisfied customers. Monitor social equity and watch impact develop as fulfilled customers start sharing their own story.


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Agile Online marketing offerings made easy for you.

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Grab hold of the amazing power and reach of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more!

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Advertise and market your brand by approaching the market in a new way.

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Take your brand to a whole new level with 360 degree virtual reality.

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Maximize the impact of your brand across the digital landscape.

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Find out how to raise Brand Awareness and increase ROI.

The key to improving online sales is creating an engaging marketing campaign that reaches customers across all devices, delivering vital information that continually drives to close. VR Business MarketingĀ E-commerce campaigns are a comprehensive solution tailored to meet both on and off site needs, combining industry-leading research and analytics to deliver a scalable return on investment.

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