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VR Business Marketing small business campaigns are designed to think global and go local. We have developed a series of digital solutions that will help your small business experience an explosive growth. We have developed the most complete, innovative and comprehensive services for your brand to enjoy the entire process. We, like you, believe in the importance and power of the online world.

Still, all the above is only halfway. With us, be ready to:

  • Increase local traffic SEO
  • Improve your omni-channel digital strategy without changing your existing web
  • Enhance website usability
  • Increase your ROI

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Market on-the-go with advanced mobile friendly marketing.

Ready to win customers for life? We craft your small business Internet advertising campaigns with profitability in mind.

Responsive. This option lets you save on the creation of various websites optimized for different mobile devices – not to mention, the trend of mobile web continues to rise. With this in mind, we will handle the entire refining for your responsive design to work effectively.

Visibility. Maximize exposure in major search engines. Each social media small business campaign is planned to reach sales goals, always thinking about the target audience and selecting the best channels. All to achieve the greatest online impact of your brand. Our strategies are aimed at improving the visibility of your website in search results from Google, Bing and Yahoo. This process includes the analysis and optimization of all your digital property to pass indexing algorithms tests of major search engines.

Data Management. Increase online visibility and avoid getting penalized due to poor business data or duplicate. Our team of experts delivers listing management to ensure everything is consistent and accurate across all digital channels.


Connect with new clients & build a consistent brand identity.

Be it a blog, a page with the services you offer, or the results you’ve achieved so far, we help you focus your content on your specific market. Talking about local issues, interviewing local people and including links to other local websites to find your site in the eyes of search engines, is only the beginning. Indeed, buzz and explosive local visibility are just part of the picture.

Seeking to connect with customers and engage your audience? We assist you with the following:

Get user reviews. Allows customers leave a good review about your business. Apart from your own website, search sites like Google+ are great. Customer’s opinions are very important for any website, but have more credibility in separate sites.

Get local links. From local directories to local blogs, seek to create links and relationships with other sites in your area. We help you position yourself on search engines as a local business.

Google+ Local page Optimization. Pimp your local Google+ page. Give a boost to your ranking. We will update your page with photos, reviews, offers, etc.

Consider PPC. Ready to drive new customers? A good PPC (Pay Per Click) small business campaign can help launch your marketing online and improve your organic local initiatives. Search engine marketing, remarketing campaigns and banner ads can surely increase your returns.

Promos and Sales. Be creative! Impact, reach and revenue online with best promos and sales strategies. Concentrate your small business marketing efforts on one particular area where your brand can have influence.

Buzz with Earned Media. Find influencers, leverage prominent users to create plenty of buzz and go viral with your most exciting promos, news, and local events.


Build Strong client relationships & grow brand equity.

Seeking to build long lasting customers relations? We want you to see organized social marketing actions, not actions without base. At VR Business Marketing, we plan all your online actions to help you achieve the highest success.

This is a critical stage. By important, we mean you cannot overlook, it is something you must do. Social media local marketing objectives need to meet a series of characteristics. For it, we like to use the terminology of “SMART Objectives”.

These social media small business objectives should be:

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Realistic

T – Term (in a given time)

To ensure effectiveness – every single time – we consider the below:

Be Social (with integrity).  Increase social influence, knowledge and visibility. Before you know it, this new approach will positively impact your sales. Build unique social profile in every channel such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest.

Strong Client Relationships. Display authority and show what you’ve got. Foster client’s relationships genuinely.

Maximize Sales. Increase the reach, impact, and revenue potential of seasonal sales and promotions with social media and email marketing.

Find out more regarding small business increasing revenue and brand equity with our social media small businesses packages and best email marketing services.


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Agile Online marketing offerings made easy for you.

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Find out how we maximize web traffic, social visibility and increase returns.

Major search engines – like Google – are increasingly focusing on offering localized experience for its users. You just need to see how most search engines have their version for each country. Thus, it seems mandatory to implement a good optimization for local searches (SEO) and social media strategy (SMM).

At VR Business Marketing, we locate marketing resources on your specific market and help you reach your target. 

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