Can Email Marketing Work for a Local Business?

For larger companies, email marketing is a fairly popular strategy that is frequently employed. However, owners of local businesses are wondering if they should also start to use this strategy. Well, it really depends on a few different components.

The Demographics of The Target Audience
Local businesses that are considering the use of email marketing really need to look at who their target audiences are. For example, if they generally appeal to poorer members of society, their customers might not have Internet connections. The same holds true if the business appeals to only senior citizens. These individuals might not have the Internet connection. As a result, email marketing would not work so well. A brief survey could help to determine if customers use the Internet or not.

A Personal Touch
One of the problems with email marketing is that it often takes that personal touch away from small businesses; however, when it comes to local businesses, this component is one of them to which people look the most forward. What’s one idea to keep these emails personally? Instead of addressing them to everyone, the owners or managers could send out a personal message to each client. If time permits, a personal note could be written in the email as well as a way to show that the connection still exists.

The Local Angle
On top of the personal touch, email can also take away from the local angle because it is such a global enterprise. Therefore, the owners need to make sure that the messages still continue to incorporate the local angle. For example, let’s say that the local business is a pie, jam and vegetable shop located in the middle of an expansive wine country. Instead of only discussing what the shop has to offer in the email, the writer can also bring in components of the surrounding wine country. Suggesting that a pie from this shop is delicious after a day of wine tasting helps to naturally incorporate that local perspective.

Will It Work?
Before going into any new business venture, companies want to have a general sense of whether the strategy is going to work or not. Small business absolutely need to think about the current state of their company. If business is blooming and people are not really the target audience for emails, then it might be best to steer away from this method. However, in the event that business is starting to suffer, it might be best to at least give email marketing a try. Generally, such marketing strategies do not cost a lot of money as long as the business has an in-house team of marketers. If a decent amount of money has to be put into this endeavor, then the budget should certainly allow for it.

Clearly, no one answer exists to the question of whether or not email marketing can work for a local business. Ultimately, the answer is going to depend upon both the specifics of the business and the specifics of the customers it serves.