What Do Top Apps Have in Common?

There are thousands of mobile apps out there for both Android and iPhone, and even Windows phone users are getting their own applications. In 2013, many more applications have gone on the market as it’s been easier to build applications thanks to mobile application developers. Steve Raycraft of AndroidandMe.com recently published a look at the Top 10 Updated Android Apps. Some of the apps have millions of installs and received significant upgrades like Google Play Music and GetGlue, a guide for people who love television shows and movies. Many of these applications already have something in common that successful apps really need: active application developers who constantly improve their apps for users. This is just one aspect of top apps that makes users want to download and use an app every day. Here are a few more about internet marketing.

Easy Access

When you make an application easy to access, you’ll instantly get more downloads than another app that requires registration. Mobile users simply don’t want to waste time trying to figure out your registration steps. Even the most popular brands focus on having as few steps as possible to downloading and using an app. Features in the app should also be easily accessible. If you decide to have a premium version of your application, then you should give enough in your free version for mobile users to get by. Otherwise they won’t be able to see your mobile app’s usefulness.

Specific, Necessary Features

Mobile users download applications because they can use them as tools whether it’s for entertainment or adding up the cost of groceries. When you have a mobile application, you’re limited in screen size, input selections, data handling and much more. You don’t want your application to be clunky with unnecessary features. During a testing phase, you should figure out which features are really useful and which ones just don’t seem to get that much play from mobile users.


Your design has to be customized and flexible with some features that they won’t be able to find anywhere else. The user experience is particular important when creating an app, which means that it has to be intuitive, flexible and personalized to your business. Mobile App Innovator excels at creating custom applications for Android and iPhone because we look at the user’s motivation for using an app and customized website an experience around those details.

Well Tested

It’s the most important thing to do before going live with any app. All mobile application development companies focus on testing and re-testing an application until it’s absolutely perfect.

These are some of the best features that we could think of for mobile applications, but there are hundreds more and probably some we didn’t think of. What app do you use the most, and what feature makes it so awesome?