Four Oddball Content Marketing Techniques That Work

You might have noticed a lot of talk in marketing circles for harder, better, faster, stronger content, or wait, maybe that’s Daft Punk. In any case, content writers, marketers and SEOs are urging for more content. Even big brands are trying to up their content game. In addition, it’s about timing and publishing more frequently than competitors. The world is all about now, and with mobile sites updating on the fly, your content needs to be refreshed at least daily to get noticed.

So there are some oddball techniques at work to making content and new interesting every day. These are just 10 examples of some strange yet highly profitable traffic techniques in content marketing these days.

1. Really Long Headlines that Are Almost Like Personal Anecdotes, But Cool

BuzzFeed, ViralNova and a few other sites are doing something a little different with their headlines.

As you can see, ViralNova just draws you in with this detailed yet incredibly long headline. You can see more examples on the right sidebar. Thanks to social media, a lot of sites with these long and goofy headlines are getting a lot of interest.

You don’t have to stick to just third person either. First person headlines are like anecdotes and drive people to curiosity to click. You’ve probably clicked on a few yourself from Facebook.

The keys to remember about these long headlines include:

  • Curiosity delivers more clicks.
  • Visitors do actually read the whole headline, so make sure the website content matches it.
  • Don’t be afraid to write in first person.

If you need help with headlines, just look at ViralNova or BuzzFeed for two minutes for inspiration. There’s likely some inventive way to describe the fine leather shoes you have to write about.

2. Bring The Noise: Paid Content

Unfortunately it’s not enough to have even supremely special types of content with epic writers. Content has to be promoted through various channels in order to beat out the hunger for more information on all the channels that people can read online. These are a few ways to do so.

  • StumbleUpon: It’s cheap and targeted. You can’t beat StumbleUpon when it comes to price. If your content is good, you’ll get even better results from paid clicks.
  • Twitter Advertising: Twitter hasn’t been too consistent with its advertising platform, but it’s great for content marketers now.
  • Zemanta: For WordPress bloggers that have the Zemanta plugin, you’ll get content updates. You can get backlinks for your internet marketing efforts.
  • Ads on Reddit: Many marketers have tried tapping into this social network, and it’s not for every industry. However, if you have a wacky idea for an ad, make sure to run it across some people who actually use Reddit and aren’t afraid to tell you what they think of your ad first. You definitely don’t want any backlash.

3. The Death of 500-Word Posts

It’s been coming for some time, and you can’t ignore the statistics. Lately 500-word posts just don’t get as much play as longer, detailed 1,500-word blog posts. They also get more shares on social media as well. What’s the deal though? People don’t really like to read that much do they?

  • Long content gives the impression of better value.
  • Guides typically have photos, subheaders, bullet lists and breaks that people can skim.
  • People stay on a site longer to read 1,500 words.

If you want to stay in the game, longer posts have to be apart of your content marketing strategy. This is probably one of the less oddball marketing tips, but it will require some creativity and innovative subheadings to keep people reading.

4. Design Still Moves Better than Content

There’s writers out there who never get anything posted because they take too long or don’t like what they write and delete it. Instead, focus on the content length, value of content and design. The last is a major factor, and here’s why: The writing matters, but design is visual. It’s what people see right away when they load a page.

That means you should be using bullet lists, images, subheadings, typography, infographics and so forth. Images are key. If you can put something incredibly unique and even funny in your post that relates to the blog, you’re going to win more readers. If you want an example, take a look at Time‘s Top 25 Bloggers for 2017.

Of course, awesome original content is what we’re all after, and it takes time to make it happen.