4 Amazing Content Marketing Tools to Make Any Blog Stand Out

Tools make it easier to get content published online, and they can also provide some creative help when you need it. They also drive better content quality and allow you to consistently develop a brand through your content. You can do everything from development to editorial planning using the latest content marketing tools. Research tools are also some of the best ways to come up with new content. These are four of our favorite content marketing tools to get started.

1. Percolate

For real-time content marketing, Percolate is the best tool. You can source, schedule and curate all types of content for different brands to share on the web. The tool also uses insights to develop new content creation ideas. If you manage a lot of clients and big corporate brands, you’ll find Percolate extremely useful. Some companies who use this tool include MasterCard, Samsung and IBM.

2. LookBookHQ

Everything is better with visuals. LookBookHQ turns every content piece into a visual story tale. You can assemble content like files, images, web pages and videos that can be embedded and shared across all social networks. If you want to easily add some visually stunning content to your posts, LookBookHQ is a quick fix. In addition, the tool also provides analytics to measure how well your content received visitors and also helps with lead generation.

3. Little Bird

For content discovery and influential content marketing, you can use Little Bird. Companies can find and engage with all types of influential writers on any given topic. You can also subscribe to your favorites and continue to market through backlinks and comments with these contacts as you continue to produce content for your blog. It’s an extremely useful tool for those who want to be very active with their target audience.

4. PaperShare

Content distribution is a major issue for most companies who aren’t sure where to put their amazing content so it will be seen. PaperShare takes care of that. You can distribute and engage with people through PaperShare. The site actually shifts conversion from a site with business branding to the content using upload features and sharing. The dashboard lets you choose specific channels and even view analytics on your content. It’s a great resource, and you also get insights on what content was particularly popular.

There are a variety of other content marketing tools out there like Addvocate and Contently. You should try to look up new content marketing tools every day to expand your strategy even further.