Custom WordPress Sites Replacing Hardcoded

Customized WordPress websites have become extremely popular, and have replaced many hardcoded or custom programmed websites. Once solely considered a blogging platform, WordPress is a very versatile program that runs many of the websites that users access every day whether for pleasure or business. It can be used for everything from a simple blog to a corporate website. It’s highly extendable due to many plugins that are available for the platform, and it allows individuals and companies to update their websites without any programming or coding knowledge. With so many plugins, WordPress also combines SEO and other marketing tools for free.

Hardcoded websites are usually difficult to set up and difficult to keep up, but now businesses can create full ecommerce sites and much more. If the website is not programmed correctly, making a single change on the website can require changing many pages, and lead to a lot of wasted development time. Those who do not know how to code will have problems updating the website, and will often have to turn to their webmaster or developer to make even small changes on their website.

WordPress allows one-touch installation on a web server, and it’s completely free. Those with absolutely no design or programming knowledge can go through templates and themes in order to find a look that suits them. They can also upload custom logos to further customize their website. If full customization is desired, a WordPress programmer can be hired to translate any web design into a WordPress template.

For those who wish to integrate social media into their website, WordPress provides complete solutions. There are many plugins that can connect social media directly to WordPress. These plugins can go so far as to allow commenting on a website through social media, and to share pages and articles through a variety of social media outlets. This integration can be a great way to market a website, and it can be difficult to achieve through hard coded websites alone.

WordPress websites also offer a many plugins to track demographics. This can show a website owner exactly who is viewing their website, when, and from where. These statistics will allow a website owner to target their website to their appropriate audience, and give them information on where they should expand to. Demographics can also be used for advertising campaigns. Advertising can also be done with WordPress, which has a lot of plugins to support banner ads and in-text ads. Advertising can be thrown in with just a few clicks, and it can help a website monetize its audience.

WordPress sites allow a website owner to create a website within a few minutes and customize it fully without the need to program at all. WordPress websites are extremely popular today and are used for everything from small personal blogs to large government and corporate websites. Hard coded websites, by contrast, are difficult to keep up and can take a long time to develop. There are very few reasons that someone would use a hard coded website over a WordPress website, unless they were developing an extremely complex application.