Ways to Make Your Ecommerce WordPress Site Flourish

With the release of e-commerce integration for WordPress.com businesses, many small businesses may take a second look at the platform that can now easily create a home page, blog and store with just a few clicks. WordPress is an incredible platform for building online stores. However, building and maintaining an e-commerce site is an overwhelming journey at times, and there’s always something new to focus on. If you want to get the best look for your ecommerce WordPress site, then there are a few things to include so that your WordPress ecommerce site rocks out.

1. Home Page Design: Show Off Top Sellers

Home page design on ecommerce WordPress website development┬áis important. You want customers to find what they’re looking for and also purchase what they want quickly. By offering top sellers, you show off products that have previously interested buyers and would most likely interest new visitors to your page. You could even discount some of the top sellers or entice people to spend more with buy one, get 50 percent off deals. Home page design should also showcase your top discounts and make sure that it’s easy for visitors to click on and accept those discounts.

2. Home Page Design: State Security and Payment Features

Another prime feature for home page design on ecommerce sites is security and payment information. People should know from the very moment they load the page of your store that it is secure. You should have full PCI compliance, good payment options and SSL security certificates. This is a trust issue, and most customers will not want to enter payment information unless they know a site is secure. For payment options, you should display all of the payment methods that you accept. This can be a smaller area of the site, and you can include it in the frequently asked questions page. You should never try to limit your customers to one payment method.

3. Shopping Cart Design: Remember Cart Contents

Every online shopper can navigate off of a page and then come back only to find that their shopping cart is empty. If you want to keep your customers happy and make sure that they purchase what they’ve put in the cart, then you should always keep shopping cart items available in the shopping cart. WordPress ecommerce sites can remember customers and save shopping cart information. This also helps with conversion rates when compared to a shopping cart that dumps items when shoppers navigate away from your site.

4. Checkout Design: Persistent, Simple Payment

You should have as little bumps in the road as possible for your shoppers. When they want to check out, they should have a clear link to do so on the home page. During the checkout process, you want to keep your customers happy and make sure that they don’t have to go through so much hassle just to put in their information and purchase products. Most ecommerce WordPress stores offer a choice of guest checkout or member customers. If people sign up, there should be some benefits offered like promotional coupons or discounts or something like that to make it worth the customer’s while. However, major retailers get away with stating that customers can view previous orders, save wish lists and other stuff with an account for social media.