Four Mad Men Personalities Crucial to Your Digital Marketing Team

If you’ve learned anything from Mad Men, it’s how much one person’s mind can affect millions of people’s thoughts. Building a marketing team for digital marketing and web design takes a critical eye of personality, perseverance and professionalism.  Any digital marketing team could learn a thing or two from Don, Peggy, Pete and Harry. These are just four of the people who should come to mind when putting together your own team for the ultimate digital marketing strategy meetings.

The Idea Machine
This person doesn’t have just one thing up his or her sleeve. They probably have a million ideas springing around, and when you need something new, this person isn’t afraid to rattle off five creative ideas that spark a conversation. These personalities are essential for getting a conversation going about the newest SEO tactics, hot web design, innovative web design tricks and marketing strategies. While some of the ideas may be a little outlandish, you’ll be able to draw in other think tanks to formulate a plan around the Idea Machine’s creativity.

The Social Edge
Someone on your team has to have the latest gadgets and gear, then combine that with creative SEO practices. They have to know the latest ways that people are accessing information as well as the newest rollouts from major search engines. These are the go-to people for getting around new algorithms, new marketing strategies and working social media like the gas pedal of a 1973 Shelby Mustang. You’ll also need him to connect to niche markets and younger audiences.

The Deep Thinker
As much as you need a creative-minded idea machine, a deep thinker is someone who takes time to form an opinion, but they can easily bring everything together for your whole digital marketing strategy. They are always looking for the hook or the real reason anyone bookmarks a site. They’ll be able to take an original idea and stretch it to where it has leverage and mojo. That’s exactly what you need to keep visitors coming back for more.

The Mathematician
Every team needs a number cruncher. They work the analysis, study the reports and bring the numbers back to the team, adding to the efficiency of your operation. Without her, you’re flying blind. While marketing analytics and other SEO tools will help, the Mathematician should already be ahead of the game and giving you an idea of where the market and web design is headed for the next year.

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