How Social Media Marketing Helps eCommerce

A few years ago, it didn’t seem like social networking sites had any influence over consumer purchases, but the data proves differently. If you’re running an e-commerce business, you know your customers are accessing content from every angle of social media. No matter what the demographic, almost everyone uses social media. Pingdom, a social media monitoring site, shows that males and females use social media nearly equally with 47% of users being male and 53% being female. In addition, over half or 61% of Facebook users have an average age of 37. If your market is younger, don’t fret as 18 to 24-year-olds are found on every social media site as well. However, it takes exploration and research to find what social channels are best for marketing to the right audience. These are a few steps to re-thinking social media for e-commerce.

1. Roam Where Your Customers Roam

There are only a few things in marketing that have an endless number of opportunities. One of this is digital and social network marketing. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube, there isn’t a real limit to the number of channels that you can create. You have to choose the right channels to reach customers as well. To find where customers hang out, think about the following:

  • Ask Questions: Sounds easy, but if you sent out a formal survey to your customer base or posted a poll on your site, you could get tons of feedback.
  • Monitor Social Media: There are free tools like Trackur or Social Mention to help you. This shows where customers are talking and what they’re talking about even when they mention your brand, target keywords or competitors.
  • Look at User Stats: Facebook offers user statistics, and you can also get more research products by hiring SEO services through VR Business Marketing.
  • Review: SEOs are constantly looking at keyword rankings and job postings, news announcements and backlinks to under more about their next steps in online marketing.

2. Monitor Competitors on Social Media

Whether you have been around awhile or just starting up on social media with your business, you should always look at new ways to beat out competitors. You can spend some time each week taking an audit of competitors. You can choose the top three just to get started. Some things to check out include:

  • Competitor’s active social sites
  • Type of content published that week
  • Number of fans, followers, likes and views on each site
  • What promotion tactics they’re using for products via social media

3. Promote Exclusive Offers on Social Networks

Everyone likes a deal. Nothing could be more true when it comes to social media. There are groups online devoted to blogging about the latest deals exclusively on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. You can use contests, email subscriptions, comments or any other marketing techniques to get your promotion and exclusive offer going at the same time on social media.

4. Publish Interesting Content, Not Just Promotions

As much as social media users love free stuff, they don’t like to read constant marketing jargon and promotional speak. You have to filter in some interesting stuff about your business. Images, videos, anecdotes and contests are a great way to vary up your content on a daily basis.

5. How to Sell Through Social Media

Facebook has options to allow you to sell products right from their store. There are also ways to do promotions directly through social media. You can even launch a Facebook store. It’s also important to keep your brand strategy in mind when setting up shop on social media.

There are plenty of other ways to use social media effectively for your online enterprise. What social media marketing tactics have worked in the past for you?