Ways to Link In with Businesses on LinkedIn

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a powerful tool. You’ll find all types of industries using LinkedIn to build business relationships, find employees or just enhance their public image. There are some great ways to optimize LinkedIn. With these tips, it should be easy to build powerful relationships through LinkedIn that will help your business grow.

Define Your Goals First

You should be able to think of three clear goals for your LinkedIn strategy. Some questions you can ask yourself include:

  • Why am I on LinkedIn?
  • Who do I want to meet on LinkedIn?
  • How will others find me?

You can see your goals in responses like “find new employees” or “talk to other business leaders in my industry.” These goals will help make your business more visible.

Pictures Make Your Profile Better

You probably already know this but a blank image on a company’s profile page shows lack of updates and curiosity. There’s nothing there to be interested in. You should have a picture in your company profile and a few more pictures on your page as well, preferably with people. Any employees linked into the company should have professional photos too.

Remember Names with LinkedIn

Sometimes I wonder how life could have existed without social media marketing before. LinkedIn definitely makes it easier to remember events, someone’s name or even references. You can just check out someone’s profile to have them in your history. This is also why it’s important to have an image of yourself in a profile because it’s batter to match faces with.

Post Updates Every Day

Once you have made some connections on LinkedIn and fully filled out your profile, you want to start posting updates that relate to your small business but may also link to other companies, interest pieces, news and so forth. It’s important that you don’t start shouting promotions but that you build value and respect with how you conduct your status updates. It’s a reflection of your brand.

Write Well and Concisely

Any information in your company profile or updates should be written well. This means no spelling errors or weird grammar. You should also make sure that it’s relatively short as people have a hard enough time reading anything online for more than 3 seconds.

Add Applications

Connections really like to see interests, and when you add applications that explore those interests, you give them a reason to find you and talk to you. It’s a great way to start a conversation and meet people who are interested in your company.

Add Sections

Another part to profiles is sections. You can add different sections so that your company marketing can show off employees, experience, projects, languages and much more. It’s also help for employees. These applications also make it easier to add something new to your profile.

Connect with People in Groups

While there are some LinkedIn Groups that are filled with spams, others are great to use for marketing businesses and can lead to more connections. You can find groups listed by interest and even browse for familiar faces to find connections.

LinkedIn is a great business tool when used correctly and kept updated. Companies that want to get ahead have to be able to recognize the potential of their networking efforts when contributing every day.