Three Traffic Opportunities with SEO You Never Thought Of

You know what it feels like to train and train, but you can’t get over that plateau. It’s the same thing with marketing companies who are using the same SEO strategies. You can make some changes and even use the same techniques, but eventually you have to try something else. Most marketers will use the same techniques and try to push those same techniques over and over. You won’t gain any significant traffic unless you try something new. So these are a few SEO tips to get the ball rolling and start doing something differently.

1. Don’t Stick to Lead Forms

You may think that it’s a great idea to collect leads on your whitepapers, videos and case studies, but it’s actually limiting your SEO value. These are valuable content resources that will allow you to get more readers. In addition, you can repurpose videos and whitepapers for blog posts and also promote your services. In addition, you could also supply your content elsewhere while still keeping up your lead form on the site. That way, your content is still viable on the web, and people who come to your lead form won’t realize it’s available somewhere else. You obviously want the content to be indexed in a variety of places as well.

2. Use Long-Tail Keywords and Long-Form Content

It’s time to start writing more and posting content that is beyond 500 words. Multiple studies have shown that people pay more attention and click on pages that have long-form content, which is over 750 words. Long-tail search rankings are also more valuable than regular keywords. They have lower competition, but they are searched for every day. As we move towards a more mobile audience, long-tail keywords are even more important. They are also more specific to what people are looking for. If you focus your SEM strategies on identifying and looking for opportunities, you can increase conversion rates and also get more search referrals.

3. Look to Offline Relationships

Even though SEO is all about online advertising, there are parts of it that should be taken offline. One of the best ways to do this is by reaching out to people locally. You have to get out of the building and talk to as many people as possible. If you value links, public relation opportunities and partnerships, you’ll meet a lot of people who are interested in your services and even know others who want to hire you as well. You should always look for networking opportunities that will work for both you and the other party.