New York Post Goes All WordPress

As an older, wildly circulated news medium in the United States, the New York Post has always been one of the most read online and print publications, but its building a website was lacking a modern edge up until last week. Now the site has been completely revamped and modified using WordPress.

While the old had a lot of clutter that was essentially tied to its print publication, the new site offers more website content, stunning visuals, neat advertising space and seamless digital news feeds. The new site also emphasizes mobile accessibility with a responsive design that’s based in WordPress. Sara Rosso of WordPress confirmed that is completely run on WordPress and WordPress VIP, which is the premium hosting service run by Automattic, a for-profit component of WordPress.

Those behind the post clearly wanted to engage with mobile traffic and update the site to be responsive. The New York Post’s CEO and Publisher Jesse Angelo said that 30 percent of the Post’s readers were mobile users, which left 12 million people wanting more from the old Now they’re getting a flawless WordPress mobile site

Advertisers also had to be able to publish content that fit in with the brand of the Post and didn’t add any clutter. By using WordPress, the Post will work with different brands and produce content that fits the aesthetic of the paper and can also be accessed through digital, social and print avenues.

Digital publishing has gotten so much easier thanks to the WordPress platform. As open source, it’s simple to revamp and re-create brands to welcome the digital age just like the New York Post. Just as the Post was able to do something edgy and different that responded well to mobile users, other small businesses should be considering the same idea and looking for ways to access that broad mobile market.

What do you think of the new WordPress New York Post site?