Make Funny Videos Easy for Your Business

The zoetrope started it all for Internet videos. Back in the day, there was the flip book, thaumatrope and phenakistoscope. It’s no secret that people love moving videos and animations. There’s something exciting or surprising about the way videos entertain people. There are a variety of ways that you can use the power of animated videos for your business. To inspire how easy it is, we created a video with GoAnimate and found a few other free sites to create your own animations and videos.


GoAnimate is a great tool for those who have time on their hands and won’t settle for a mediocre animation. There’s a ton of features on the site including full customization. You don’t have to know a whole lot about actual animation to make a video either.

The website offers a choice between a library of already configured animations and complete website customization. Users can pick a character or create one using the tools on You can also pick music or other soundtracks and even upload your own sounds. All of the components are easy to add and alter as you go along.


For those who want a quick video maker or presentation creator, Powtoon is a sure thing. It’s free and easy to use with a ton of different tools to make your business statistics, data, new products and other presentations more exciting for your meeting or potential customers.

This is a good way to diversify an email campaign as well or just entertain visitors headed to your site for something fresh. Some users have even used it to create a quirky marriage proposal.


Why not just press a button? That’s the idea behind Wideo, which tries to further simplify the process of making an animated video. Wideo allows users to sign up quickly with Facebook or email and start building an animated video. Most of the content is free.

This is a rather easy way to make a movie, but it does have a learning curve. Thankfully Wideo provides a ton of tutorials and videos to help you explore and learn what to do within the video maker, which is available online and works in your browser.

You can add your own images, record dialogue and add video clips to diversify your video, and it’s free.


Dvolver has been around for awhile and has always had some pretty interesting techniques to high quality video that you can use for just about anything. It’s also free. Users are guided through the process by first selecting a background and sky. This makes it easy to create other-worldly type of atmospheres or just a simple setting for a rendezvous.

Dvolver is really one of the best places to create a quick animated video. You simply type in the dialogue for your characters, and you’re all set. If you get into any trouble, Dvolver has help guides and tutorial videos.

We had a lot of fun exploring the free video creator over at Go Animate! I think it’s amazing that anyone can easily create videos like these in a matter of minutes. These types of videos are perfect for businesses that want to create entertaining product and services guides without too much fuss.