SEO Tips to Increase Your Googleabilty

Today, I came across an article on ways to increase your “Googleability” and thought that I would share a few of the most promising ways to rank up in search engines. First off, what is “Googleability?” Googleability is when someone searches for a product, brand, company or other entity, and your site is more easily found in Google search results pages (SERPs). This will then increase traffic as you get more views of your pages, which in turn places you on top of the list. Some internet marketers may find that it’s more complicated than that, but if it’s just Googleability, this is the basics that you have to know.

If you have a small business or foundation that you want to get out there, you have to first create a website that will maximize your visibility in search engines. In this website, your logo or brand (often one in the same) needs to be recognized throughout the whole website. People want to know and trust the products, services, information and other content that they find online. To do that means to you have to build a trustworthy brand.

It’s most important that people to read about you. If you are promoting something, why not promote the best way that you can? Through social media, mobile app development, affiliate marketing and paid advertising, your site will be more shared and visible as much as possible online. Your website will also need to have blogs with keywords that rank highly in Google. For instance, when someone types in a certain keyword relating to your site content, your website has this keyword, which allows Google to bring up your website because it has relevance. However, getting to the front page and top of the results pages are another matter. It takes keen SEO and online marketing strategies to build a keyword profile and drive traffic to your site.

Also, maintenance on your website is key. There are constant developments in SEO, marketing and web design that will make or break your site’s success. Some keys to remember include:

  • Blog every day with refreshing content
  • Write about trending topics related to your site and audience
  • Share your new blogs and pages on social media
  • Update your web design to reflect responsive web design
  • Monitor traffic and look for new SEO content angles
  • Get reviews on as many popular review sites as possible
  • Update your online advertising campaigns constantly

Blog about everything. If you see something on the front page of the New York Times, and you have an opinion about it, then you have to blog about it. The only essential point to remember is that you want it to be relevant to your site. In addition, you should always reread and think about the concept of the post. How will it affect your readers? Anything too inflammatory may be better suited for another blog than your business. However, people do love controversy and even look for it.

Keep up with your site and make the content interesting. Social media is another factor that should always be maintained. Post links on Twitter, Digg and Facebook to your blogs so that people actually view what you write about and want to comment. This will definitely get you noticed. Patience goes a long way when first getting your site together and developing a blog presence. It may take a few weeks before you’re able to get your site on the first page result, but if you continuously work on your keyword profile, links and updated content, you’ll grow your traffic by leaps and bounds every day.