Conversion Rate Optimization

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Do you not know? Have you not heard about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)? If at this point you have no clue about CRO, you cannot imagine how much web potential you are wasting. Be it an E-commerce site, where you want to maximize sales or a simple personal blog dedicated to a hobby, where you want to get a maximum number of subscribers to your mailing list, we are ready to help!

We will implement the right CRO strategies and techniques to get the maximum number of shares of the total users visiting your site. For example, if 100 users visit your blog, and 2 subscribe to your mailing list, we are talking about a conversion rate of 2% which, incidentally, would be an excellent value.

At VR Business Marketing, we perform concise and data-driven actions that double your conversion rate or even helps you achieve better results.


We optimize conversion rates to increase web visitor’s value.

What cannot be measured, cannot be managed. Aha! Web traffic increases, the design is attractive, the content is fresh, the page is optimized, the bounce rate is reasonable, good practices have been implemented to improve usability (UX), and views begin to grow and grow! But is your small business site optimized to maximize the number of visitors that turn into leads and customers?

The conversion rate is calculated by dividing: Total number of conversions / number of visits. The definition of conversion depends on each site: a download, a budget request, registration, subscription to a newsletter, by contact form, buy a product, etc. The most important point is to measure conversions and we begin by defining goals and conversion funnels in Google Analytics.

Once configured we can begin to measure visitors behavior on your web. The next step is to start working to increase the conversion rate and with the same traffic, get more customers.
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An in-depth look at our strategy.

Investigation. Examination information from each new page is gathered and contrasted with the first page (control) utilizing key execution pointers (KPIs).

At VR Business Marketing, we focus on concise techniques. Each campaign consists of a data-driven approach, optimizing and measuring with key performance indicators (KPIs).

Site Observation. Our CRO services start with inquiries about web ease of use, customers experience, brand value proposition and identity. After gathering all data, we look to comprehend the current CR while conceptualizing creative ideas for enhancement.

Theory and hypothesis. We optimize landing pages and develop exclusive versions for all significant site pages that will be tested against each other.

Evaluation. We test all webpages to measure performance. For it, we conduct A/B Split Tests, as well as Multi-Variant Tests (according to each brand situation and needs).

Search & Analysis. We get analytics data from every new page – each is contrasted with the first page (control) utilizing key indicators (KPIs).

Following the above processes, our team of professionals execute changes that demonstrate to have a positive effect on CR. With the aim to enhance user experience (UX), we repeat this procedure (as needed) and in turn, boost conversion rate.


Delivering maximum ROI for online businesses.

Ready to get real? We are here to boost traffic and achieve real results. We optimize your landing pages, test and maximize ROI.

We know how to plan, implement and optimize digital campaigns. Forget about impressions, clicks, likes and metrics that are worthless. We are talking about tangible conversions and metrics to measure the impact of your investment in your income statement. We believe in landing pages creation and optimization as best practices to convert:

• Enable visitors to browse freely, clearly show them their way to conversion.
• Define the conversion rates and understand consumer psychology to develop best digital strategies.

The start of a campaign means the time to start measuring, analyzing the results and gradually improving. Our processes include:

• A / B and Multivariate testing
• Retargeting
• Integration with email marketing
• Integration with CRM
• Integration with chat tools

It is useless to have many visitors on a site if you are not making them contact you and become loyal customers. Ask for a free proposal!


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