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The Email was the first social network ever! All successful social media strategies include the use of email. For instance, using links to your social channels increases traffic and visits to your communities and improve the relationship with your brand.

In the end your objective should be ensuring that email marketing and social networks are complementary. VR Business Marketing can help you achieve this goal:

• Improve the quality of your current database.
• Increase online brand recognition.
• Create attractive “newsletters” with the “recommend a friend and get…” mode.
• Increase web traffic.
• Establish long-term relationships with customers.
• Increase the number of prospects.

We understand how important it is to be in touch with your customers. We offer a complete service that helps you keep the conversation by email and social networking.
Create announcements to promote your business through email!


Explore and find prospects across all digital channels.

Be ready to grow your small business Email Marketing campaign reach by combining your current listings with segmented prospects. We support you to connect with customers and generate new contacts. It’s time you expand the reach of your marketing campaigns and obtain more traffic to your site and visitors to your business.

We specialize in captivating potential clients:

Expand your reach! Share your communications on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter with a single click.

Ask your readers to share your communications and comment on their accounts – imagine the potential for new customers!

Get more subscribers. Increase the range of your campaign including a link to your communications via Twitter and Facebook.

Post tweets live from your account or release a new Facebook status.

E-mail Marketing campaigns for small businesses allow you to stay in the minds of your customers and prospects by sending periodic pieces relevant content for them. Our E-mail marketing is not spam because you will be contacting who have provided their data voluntarily.

Keep your customers interested in the products and services you offer, with useful and relevant information.


Create, engage, nurture, and convert.

Be ready to fully monetize with beautifully designed templates that allow you create personalized messages. Deliver the most attractive promos and start converting instantly.

The management system is very elegant and easy to use, it is also compatible with most web browsers.

Aesthetics. Separate subject lines, email designs, and more. Send attractive messages. Save time creating a personalized statement that can be sent to all your database in a single delivery.

Nurture. Nurture existing clients, email marketing has never had as much power as now to create a strong bond with your customers. Focus on tastes and preferences.

Conversion. Engage prospects. Keep potential clients interested in the products and services you offer, with useful and relevant information.


We test, measure and optimize small business campaigns.

It is useful to measure and compare the results of similar campaigns over time, or, different campaigns in different segments or geographic regions. It is like having your own crystal ball.

With innovative optimization techniques and advanced analytics, we enable you to instantly compare and boost your email marketing campaign impact:

Test, test, test. Email Analytics matter. You can test a variety of designs, measure overall campaign performance, and determine popular and effective tactics. Learn what attracts your customers.

Gather data. Capture information not only from subscribers who click on your newsletter but also of those who open it.

Measure. Measure the effectiveness of your campaign. We offer an economical way to expand your products and services to reach new markets.


Agile Online marketing offerings made easy for you.

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In-house experts are expensive. Outsourcing SEO solutions is quite unsafe. Also, when seeking to build a solid online brand reputation, hiring and coordinating contractors independently, is just impractical. Keep in mind you must exhibit a consistent identity, message, tone, and value proposition.

The scene for internet marketing keeps evolving, and it will certainly favor brands willing to embrace the challenge by engaging and connecting in a responsive and dynamic way.

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