Pay Per Click Advertising

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Data-driven and agile VR Business Marketing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns for small businesses maximize revenue stream. Each of our solutions bring cost-effective results.

PCC is one of the most accessible online advertising methods and one of the fastest to attract visitors to your website, promote your small business services and increase your sales. If executed properly, it can be very profitable for your business.

We are ready to implement and manage your PPC small business campaign. There are many elements that contribute to the success of a digital campaign, among which we believe the following are the most important:

1. Select the appropriate target market.

2. Conduct an analysis of contents.

4. Select and understand different keywords or phrases that you want to link.

5. Select the type of campaign: search, display or mixed for each ad.

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Find new business opportunities for maximum revenue growth.

At VR Business Marketing, we believe each PPC campaign starts with a thorough data analysis to fully understand terms and keywords that potential clients use to find what they need. Your products and services must be visible!

Research. This stage entails a complete research of trends, competitive rivalry, volume (per month), and cost-per-click, for keywords possibilities. We target users by a series of aspects: motivation, components lifestyle, psychographics, demographics, as well as geographic location to make sure just profitable queries are targeted with your small business paid ads.

SWOT. A full SWOT Analysis is the beginning of everything. This provides a complete scenario of small businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats you face regarding paid ads.

Objectives. We always set monthly goals to measure your brand evolution and ROI increase.

Indicators. KPIs are crucial. These are properly tracked and analyzed to ensure we are getting the best out of small business remarketing campaigns, Pay-per-click ads, and social paid placements.


Captivate affiliates, prospects via search, and top content networks.

What we offer with our PPC campaigns? Maximum ROI by increasing your small business Leads, Sales, and the visibility of your brand online. Services directly related to our pay per click or administration campaigns are:

Site and Brand Analysis. Determine whether your site is ready to make the most of an online campaign.

Ads Generation and Landing Pages. Based on your small business social media strategy, we generate ads on search networks, display and select the right social channels as well as the landing page for each ad.


We constantly analyze, measure, and optimize small business campaigns.

Campaign Management is more than relevant. We monitor your small business online results and make adjustments to improve the performance of your campaign. At VR Business Marketing, we believe optimization is constant, including:

Keywords Management. Success derives from a mixture of tactics. Both, high-cost and low-cost keywords matter. Despite the budget, we care to maintain a balance, especially crafted to maximize your impact and visibility.

Optimization. This refers to pay optimization. Our team will make every invested dollar worth it. We strategically manage keywords costs to increase click volume, ad exposure, and brand conversions.

Test, test, test. Ad testing is a must. For it, we measure and conduct A/B tests to assess overall impact of media, text, delivery techniques, ad positioning, within other aspects.

Test conversion funnels. Our team will test multiple conversion funnels to fully comprehend about audience engagement and motivation to continuously maximize ROI.

Reports. Our monthly campaign reports are insightful and allow our clients to verify data, and learn about their online scenario with a clear purpose: make concise and worth re-investments in paid search.


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In-house experts are expensive. Outsourcing SEO solutions is quite unsafe. Also, when seeking to build a solid online brand reputation, hiring and coordinating contractors independently, is just impractical. Keep in mind you must exhibit a consistent identity, message, tone, and value proposition.

The scene for internet marketing keeps evolving, and it will certainly favor brands willing to embrace the challenge by engaging and connecting in a responsive and dynamic way.

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