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Do you know what they are saying about you on the Internet? With the Internet, both, companies and users themselves have lost the monopoly on information about themselves. Customers, suppliers and competition emit judgments about your brand.

Moreover, these opinions are disseminated like wildfire thanks to the power of social networks.

Everything that happens in the online world affects the offline world, and vice versa. Any business strategy must be supported by actions on the Internet and outside the network, i.e., small businesses must jointly promote a strategy that integrates the actions of offline and online marketing to achieve corporate objectives.

Managing online reputation has become a priority for VR Business Marketing and we are ready to assist you thoroughly.


An evaluation of business listings, reviews, and social influence.

Small businesses are enhanced and gain exposure when customers feel happy and speak positively. What consumer’s say of your brand unveils either a positive or negative image. If a brand gains authority, it means that the interaction between the two sides is positive.

Crafted for entrepreneurs and small businesses, our Brand Audit / review delivers an integral examination of the following aspects:

Professional Listings and resources. Improve, optimize, and distribute accurate company information. Enhance accessibility, Local SEO and brand exposure.

Audit Sites. Recognize and oversee negative criticism on the most prominent audit sites such as Yahoo! Local, Google Places, Yelp, BBB®, TrustLink™, within others. Identify needs satisfaction. In this way, we will identify areas of interest and segment when possible.

Social Networks. Improve existing profiles, and find new communities for maximum engagement. Grow your digital footprint across all digital channels and genuinely interact with clients to naturally foster positive feedback. Social Media is the most important tool for any brand that will be seen online anywhere. It’s crucial that you create a strong social media presence!

Brands should endeavor to give specific answers to their followers beyond the product. The idea is to enable a mutually beneficial dialogue.


We constantly monitor brands discussions on the web.

Have you read all the information that circulates about you on the Internet? What Google search results display when someone types in your name?

Your reputation is formed based on two pillars: what is done and said, and what others perceive of your actions or words, as interpreted and transmitted as third, that is, an opinion.

Our services consist of building a solid digital identity and reputation by creating positive online content; defining what information is published, how it will be published and where.

Following the above, beware of what you share. Note that you can go viral in seconds. Get to monitor your brand online with personable alerts.

Notifications. Receive alerts immediately when new content is distributed and indexed about your brand, or your online direct rivals.

Social Mentions. Get to know whenever you are mentioned and ensure a constructive outcome on the discussion. Social media is now the backbone of all branding in the world today.

Buzz. Give a positive turn to every content piece, by observing both, positive and negative input over the Web’s numerous business review and survey sites.


Constant interaction with users is vital to your online reputation.

Truth is that existing online is a necessity that increasingly determines the existence of brands and businesses within digital environments. Forums, blogs and conversational media impact is crucial.

Be honest. You must give your customers confidence, since the lack of it can mean the end of the consumer-brand relationship. Transparency, recognition and honesty are essential elements in the interaction of brands with their target audience.

Currently the flow of information online is so great that escapes from our hands, it is inevitable to come across some negative press articles, reviews in forums, comments on blogs or negative references; making it impossible to delete inappropriate or offensive content of each page.

What then? It is important to distinguish your current position and if your image is criticized by some action, then power other attributes. Engage users and foster interaction. We will help you nurture your prospects and existing customers.

The dialogue with your customers should always be based on their needs and interests. For it, we will use digital channels for unresolved ideas, doubts and to hear their complaints and suggestions.

Brand reputation is built with effort and dedication, we will help you channel your reputation, positioning your presence in search engines, resulting in confidence from third parties and boosting your image.


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In-house experts are expensive. Outsourcing SEO solutions is quite unsafe. Also, when seeking to build a solid online brand reputation, hiring and coordinating contractors independently, is just impractical. Keep in mind you must exhibit a consistent identity, message, tone, and value proposition.

The scene for internet marketing keeps evolving, and it will certainly favor brands willing to embrace the challenge by engaging and connecting in a responsive and dynamic way.

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