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The digital market has gradually made the concept of social media become a commodity. It is apparently about simple reputation management, community and customer care. Well, our focus is quite different.

At VR Business Marketing, the constant commitment of our team is linked to the measurement and control of user’s behavior patterns based on content, allowing us to ensure achievements of objectives on a website, sales conversion, service acquisitions or simply lead generation.

We monitor through tracked links on the networks and blogs and get to know how the audience reacts, and identify the most appropriate optimization path. Our expertise goes from analysis to the research and implementation of small business social media digital campaign work.

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Social media optimization is about visibility & accessibility.

Social Media is a media set that allows linking information via the Internet and conforms social networks and virtual communities. Our Social Media Optimization (SMO) campaigns for small businesses allows brands to be active actors in the generation of information online.

Furthermore, Social Media is the evolution of the concept of Mass Media, which places more emphasis on global coverage being a more traditional concept. Social Media keeps changing radically in terms of information management, as web 2.0 users play an active role and are no longer merely readers, but content generators.

Our Social Media Optimization campaigns consist on the execution of actions and development of a number of digital techniques to enhance your small business social media presence.

Following the above, we will implement and integrated approach to help you gain relevance organically.


A social website is a better website.

Whatever the products or services offered by your small business, you have probably already realized you need online presence so people can easily find you. As you know, structure, architecture, navigation, usability, content, adaptability devices, etc. are some of the strong points to consider.

The first step, like everything else, should be to define what you want to achieve. One of the most common problems entrepreneurs and small businesses have is that they jump to the 2.0 world often without establishing clear goals and consequently, their evolution is messy.

Social media engagement will increase web and social profiles visibility, and that is why it is now more important than ever to realign your brand development in digital and social media. Optimizing the development of your brand in digital media goes hand in hand with the social media strategy to ensure that you are unleashing a consistent brand experience both, in digital media and social.

Our most popular on-site Social Media Optimization services include:

Google-Verified Site. We take care of every detail. Website Verification certainly improves both, local listing and user’s confidence.

Connect Buttons. Allow prospects to easily Like, Circle, or Follow your business on social media. Make it easy for them and they won’t leave your domain!

Social Sharing. Quickly enable social sharing through your site. We embed relevant web images, video and text to ensure best site-social shares. VR Business  Marketing most popular social integrations for small businesses include Tweet (Twitter), Pin (Pinterest) and Share (Facebook).


Digital Branding and Social channels optimization.

To improve brand positioning in the natural results of major search engines, we conduct a series of processes within SEO on-site, off-site and Social Media. These tasks are highly related and interdependent. At VR Business Marketing, we provide these services together or separately – always collaboratively.

OFF-SITE SMO works for small businesses are reviewed and evaluated continuously, setting and modifying the objectives to ensure everything performs according to the results and impact obtained.

All the above, being only a starting point for customizing your social media profiles according to your requirements. All our campaigns have basically three main purposes:

1. Get full legibility of your website for major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

2. Adapt site contents characteristics according to the target market, obtaining a greater number of quality visitors and better search engine rankings.

3. Develop your brand 2.0 identity in a consistent way across all digital channels.

Point 1 and 2 correspond exactly to on-site SMO, and we consider it during design / development phase, as well. The 3rd purpose includes off-site SMO activities in close sympathy with small business social marketing strategies, advertising, and other content updating of the campaign.


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