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Your online shop, or simply the website of your company must be mobile friendly.

Mobile commerce keeps growing and although its economic importance is still smaller than the one with the ecommerce, it seems that the trend is to thrive.

Google will begin to algorithmically penalize those websites or online stores that do not have a clear adaptation to mobile. Not to mention, most purchases made in a physical store, often begin searching the online world.

The big question is, “Should I adapt my current site or turn to a new interface developed specifically for mobile devices? We code and craft with CSS, Java, HTML5 and other programming languages. Our team will handle your requirements, making sure your digital presence suit the needs of users independently from the access device.

VR Business Marketing campaigns combine the best of each arena. Each site is suited for innovative multi-platforms, combining the latest device-responsive design techniques, with underlying functionality and topical aesthetics.

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User friendly sites to maximize search engine visibility.

It is not just about how your website looks on a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Rather, what is intended is to create a clear and user friendly experience facilitating the entire process:

Responsiveness. You cannot maintain barriers to discourage online shopping, not to mention your brand image and prestige will be damaged by not having a responsive site. We will craft a responsive website that will present information differently from that shown in computers, not only because of the size of the device, but because the mobile context reveals a different approach for users who want to comfortably watch your website on their mobile.

Web Optimization. Web design is important, but even more, a good visibility on search engines. We design for search engines and people. At VR Business Marketing, we have the ability to increase the visibility of a website in natural results of major search engines. Our professionals will implement the most innovative techniques and processes of architecture, coding and content optimization.

Conversion Rate Optimization. Despite conversion goals are not being met, you can still have impressive traffic figures. Still, unless you convert, you are wasting your time. We will help you fix it! We will convert visitors into leads. Thanks to growth hacking, a set of strategies to use creativity and be more agile to approach markets, our team will support you to grow and convert without spending plenty of money on mass advertising.

Performance. We eliminate “bottlenecks” in the execution of any app or site to determine an acceptable measure for its performance, for example, what it is an acceptable response time and the expected load in relation to the number of concurrent users. With these goals defined, we begin a process for detecting and optimizing processes where software execution is trapped. Our main objective is to ensure that your website reaches the performance objectives established in the tests.

W3C Validation. It is certainly an invaluable tool. We will validate your site with this tool, meaning in particular that the web will not have any syntax errors. Meeting the W3C validation is a good practice that not only gives the satisfaction of knowing that the website complies with those standards, that is, it is well done, but also allows us to project professionalism.

Social Media Optimization. If you think social media can help your small business but feel unclear about how to start or do not have the time to do so, we can help by choosing the most appropriate social networks for your company, to create profiles and professional designs and even handle the complete management of all social networks where you want to have a presence and maintenance. We will adapt our social media for small businesses services to your needs and within your budget.

Overcoming mistrust is the fastest way to achieve a new sale, and also to gain a satisfied user. Moreover, it is virtually the only way. Find out more about our small business solutions!


Ongoing and easy web maintenance without further investment.

Maintaining a website is an equally important part as its design or own creation. This maintenance allows the website to continue to fulfill the purpose for which it was created throughout its lifecycle.

We will be more than pleased to handle your website maintenance tasks and personalized development solutions by implementing a series of open source content management systems (CMS) described below:

WordPress. It is a content management system (CMS) for creating and maintaining a blog or other types of websites. WordPress is not only a simple and intuitive system to create a personal blog, but permits all kinds of complex websites. It is an ideal site for a regularly updated system. If you write content with some frequency, if users access the web site, they can find all these contents in chronological order (most recent first and the oldest last). It even has a plugin system, allowing to extend its capabilities, thus, a more flexible CMS is achieved.

Magento. It is an open source web content manager for e-commerce. It is a flexible and scalable solution to practically develop all kinds of e-commerce projects. It offers many features among which especially emphasize the great versatility in design and powerful control panel.


We craft safe and innovative websites.

At VR Business Marketing, we believe in 3 things:

Data collection. Analytics come first. We track users as they arrive, explore, and leave your site. Our site not development solutions incorporate analytics software, as well as personalized objectives/tracking to guarantee information is collected in a significant manner.

Month to month Reports. Customers get month to month execution reports to make sure their site meets requirements. By utilizing these reports, site components are testes, surveyed, re-planned, and adjusted to persistently increase small businesses returns.

Security Updates and Safety. Customers get protection and security upgrades to guarantee server-side innovations and content management frameworks (CMS) privacy. We make sure other crucial site components stay avant-garde and secure.


Agile Online marketing offerings made easy for you.

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In-house experts are expensive. Outsourcing SEO solutions is quite unsafe. Also, when seeking to build a solid online brand reputation, hiring and coordinating contractors independently, is just impractical. Keep in mind you must exhibit a consistent identity, message, tone, and value proposition.

The scene for internet marketing keeps evolving, and it will certainly favor brands willing to embrace the challenge by engaging and connecting in a responsive and dynamic way.

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