Five Reasons to Love Social Media Marketing

There’s a debate going on right now as to what the best strategy is for attracting social media marketing, which is the stuff that Google uses to rank sites in results pages. Many companies have begun to wonder what the best ways are to attract social media visitors, but they often can’t seem to get everything right for their tactics. Social media is all about presenting the human side of business. Through pictures, comments and personal updates, people are able to see a face of a company that they can relate to. Understanding a few things about social media can help you get farther with your marketing strategy.

1. Don’t Act Human, Be a Humanist

Many marketers claim they have social media marketing as part of their services, but they’re not able to accurately deliver results. The reason people love social media is because of the genuine responses and content that they find there. If you are going to build trust and loyalty, you have to start first by understanding your audience and make real connections with people who may become fans of your brand.

2. Manage Your Brand Voice in Social Media

Every business brand has a certain voice. A specific example would be the car dealership. The way that they shout deals in car commercials attracts attention, but it’s also a very tired tactic that disrupts the brand of a car dealership in my opinion. You have to understand the mission, vision, history and culture of a company before you start developing its brand voice. In addition, you should understand where your visitors are coming from and what they are looking for in order to provide more poignant content.

3. Read the Guidelines

You definitely don’t want to get into the crosshairs of Facebook’s guidelines or Twitter’s guidelines. There’s also a ton of guidelines for operating a business on Google+. Reading these guidelines are essential to doing well on social media and providing a better user experience. IF you are a global company, you should also look at how guidelines will affect your business in different parts of the world. You can also look at bigger brands to see how they are working with advertising and branding in social media. For example, Coca Cola has a very awesome social media brand model to follow.

4. Speak with Purpose

Whenever you post to social networks, there’s always more success when you post with a higher purpose. You should always be asking why you are using that channel and who you are trying to reach. Most of the content that we create today is being shared through one channel or another. If you can become a leading information source because you always provide unique and interesting perspectives with your content, you’ll receive more likes and shares.

5. What Do Customers Care About on Social Media

There are a few things to remember when posting any promotions or products to social media. Customers really care about:

  • Cost and price
  • Problems/reviews
  • Comparisons
  • Rankings
  • “Best” deals

You should always be trying to answer your audience’s questions when you post to social networks. They’ll want to know about price, problems, comparisons, reviews and awards that your products have received.

These are just a few tips to get you started. We’ll look at social media more closely in the future to really help your business gain a better footing in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even some of the niche social markets.