WordPress Plugin Review: Social by Mailchimp

There are a number of different social network plugins out there for WordPress. One of the most popular is Social by MailChimp. Basically before social media was integrated into everything, comments really couldn’t be integrated from Twitter or Facebook onto a blog, but now with various social media plugins, it’s a widely used tactics to share links and engage with visitors. The plugin allows your visitors to comment through WordPress, Facebook or Twitter. The comment also posts to Twitter and Facebook if they make a comment on your WordPress blog. Authors can also see the comments on their blog as well. That’s a pretty nifty idea for anyone who wants to integrate with various types of social media through WordPress and also doesn’t want to use the Facebook plugin, which can be pretty cluttered. These are some other pros and cons for Social by MailChimp that may make it a better choice to integrate social media into your blog

Why Choose MailChimp for Social Integration

The plugin itself is very well designed and seamlessly integrates Facebook and Twitter into your comments. MailChimp has made it incredibly easy to install and set up the MailChimp Social plugin. Anyone who comments easily shares your posts from WordPress through Facebook and Twitter. It does exactly what it’s supposed to and doesn’t have trouble pulling comments from Twitter or Facebook most of the time. There has been some conflict with apps like WordPress JetPack Publicize. It also cuts down the time that you spend posting to the various media channels. You can broadcast your post in seconds with this plugin as its built into your posting.

What Could Be Improved for This Plugin

There are some compatibility issues and it does have trouble pulling comments from Facebook or it’s slow in some cases. There’s also the issue where it doesn’t give an option to reply back to the same posting when pulling comments from Facebook. In other cases, you may have to modify the code to take out some fields that commenters might use, such as building a website. If you don’t want spam in your comments, you’ll need to go into the code in order to stop MailChimp from supplying this field to comments.

Consistently Updated and Upgraded

One of the great things about this plugin is the attention of the website developers. They have recognized issues with their UI and other problems with recent patches to the plugin and updates that users can install quickly through WordPress. The whole process is quite simple, and the support forums are responded to every day. However, as of right now, MailChimp doesn’t have any phone support or 24/7 support options, but the plugin is free and works so how much can you expect?


You should install this plugin if you want to quickly post to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook while also allowing comments to be pulled from these sites onto your blog.