Something to Think About: LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is well-known as the social network platform that connects professionals, businesses, employers with employees and job hunters with potential offers. LinkedIn conducted a recent study that showed small businesses are using LinkedIn more than ever for social media as they try to beat out competition from Target, Amazon and other big retailers. Companies all over the world use LinkedIn as a microphone for their latest products while also seeking out innovative minds to help achieve their goals. Lead generation with social media is nothing new, but many people have been turning to LinkedIn lead generation as a way to drum up new business and actually have found high conversion rates with a few tactics. These are just a few things businesses might want to try.

LinkedIn report shows SMB is using social media more.

1. The First Impression

Business owners, startup entrepreneurs and marketing teams, lend me thine ear–why not use LinkedIn as a way to get the introductions you need for business? While you can’t just go up to a stranger on LinkedIn and ask for an introduction to that incredibly high profile client in their contacts, you can build relationships on LinkedIn that will offer opportunities later on down the line. When the relationship is developed and comfortable, why not exchange contacts and make introductions? You can message your acquaintance on LinkedIn with a list of people you’d love to meet or be introduced to if possible. You should expect to offer a favor in return or at least explain with a blurb next to the person’s name on why the introduction is so important.

2. Get Into LinkedIn Discussions

There is a whole forum of people talking and browsing on LinkedIn discussion groups every day. By knowing your audience or particular people you’re interested in, you can search out discussion groups and start offering valuable help to the groups here. By giving expert knowledge and expertise, you can build all kinds of beneficial relationships where people look to you for information. They will likely refer to you as a go-to source and will quickly generate leads for your business.

3. Search for Leads

You can conduct a Boolean search in Google to find leads based on keywords used with LinkedIn. For example, type in Google search, “site: and keyword and location” or “ and pizza and Orlando FL.” All the people within the parameters of this search will promptly show up in Google. You can start making connections right away or just do some research for more information on competitors.

4. Look for Common Interests

In group settings, you can actually send a message to any member of a group even if you’re not connected with them. You can join up to 50 groups, so it’s important to maximize these groups specifically for high quality leads that you want to connect with. It’s important to act with respect and balance by always offering some sort of mutual profit with anyone that you connect with through common interests.

5. Flattery Gets You Everywhere

Want to reach out to a startup but not sure what to say? Compliment what they’re doing. Talk about their business marketing. Speak up about what you know and how they’ve done an amazing job with their latest product. It’s important to research before you flatter so you have a leg to stand on. It’s a simple tactic and probably the oldest in the book, but it makes people notice you when you compliment their hard work. This is especially beneficially when making a cold contact on LinkedIn. Just start with the flattery and move in from there.

6. Lead Collection

LinkedIn Ads does have an option called Lead Collection. This allows advertisers on the social network to collect leads right through their LinkedIn Ad campaigns. If a member clicks on your ad, they are taken to a landing page with a button to request that you contact them. It’s the best way to get people who want to talk to you, and it’s something you shouldn’t ignore if you’re paying for ads on LinkedIn. It’s a great way to build up and collect lists of leads.

7. Use Advanced Filters

While this feature is for premium account holders, it’s a great way to expand your lead generation with LinkedIn. You can use advanced filters in search with a premium account. That means you can search by company, relationship, function, seniority level, company size and a variety of other filters that the free search cuts out.

8. Be AA on LinkedIn

Active and aggressive companies have the most connections, the most discussions, lots of groups and potential internet leads generating every day. If you are publishing articles, connecting with social media and chiming into discussions every day, people take notice and want to work with people who are always available and looking for potential clients. You don’t have to be obviously aggressive, but it helps if you are tracking customers looking at your profile or looking for new talent and other interests every day.