Five Marketing Blogs to Master SEO

Any current or aspiring marketing pros need to have a source for news and updates that will make it easy to keep track of the latest changes. You can’t do everything even though you wish you could. Marketers always share information, tips, practices and insights, which is why these blogs are some of the best for learning basic and advanced SEO strategies as well as just some great news.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land brings together lots of different minds and sources to constantly update readers on what’s going on in digital marketing, SEO, SEM, social, local, etc. There’s no end to the posts and guides that the authors on Search Engine Land provide. If you want to subscribe, you’ll get tons of news, tips, advice and just an array of amazingly talented SEOs in your circle.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch is very focused on what’s happening with Google, but they also provide some great tips on PPC, analytics, social, mobile and video. There are a ton of different authors on here who have worked in online marketing for over five years and write some great tips. They’ve also got some tips for WordPress.

Seth Godin

He’s a best-selling author, thought machine with a lot of spunk and personality. His tips on SEO are great metaphors while also being just a really fun guy to read and talk to. Seth posts a new blog every day, but he takes a different approach to digital marketing than other blogs. He’s short and yet says everything he needs to say.


Before it was just Moz, it was SEOMoz, and it’s still one of the best places to find tools, guidance, tips, tricks and news. It has a vast online community, and if you want to know about all things SEO, you’ll get some in-depth answers that will make your strategies even better.

Amy Porterfield

If you’re working on social media, Amy Porterfield is a must read. She is a great social media strategist and shows her readers how to maximize social media while also throwing in some other tips about online marketing topics. She also provides podcasts, webinars and other resources.