We’re in Marketing, but This is Why SEO Matters

Last year Google announced that the search engine planned to encrypt all keyword searches except for those who participated in Google AdWords, a paid service. Many marketers wanted to give up on SEO at this point, but that bandwagon was soon by crushed by reports that the top sites were still using SEO to gain incredible traffic. It’s certainly not the end of SEO, and it’s about time that search engines tried to stop digital marketing from doing what it does best. Change. Adapt. Evolve. Today’s SEO certainly isn’t recognizable from what it ways five years ago, but that’s a good thing. There are still plenty of keyword tools out there that are free, and multiple ways to work on successful SEO strategies. These are just a few of those ideas.

Did the Loss of Google’s Keyword Tool Affect Anyone?

There were probably a lot of marketers who were thinking, “Now what?” That’s what led to tons of free keyword tools being created. Even for the inexperienced marketer, testing out new keyword tools is an easy process. The good news is that if you have SEO marketing firms, you still had PPC services on your side to give you a wide a selection of search data through Google AdWords and analytic tools.

There’s also some other tactics such as using the simple Google AutoFill method or by looking at competitor’s sites to figure out the top keywords with tools like Remove ‘Em. The keyword tool being removed only placed more emphasis on SEOs and digital marketers using unique content strategies and looking for organic keywords. It hardly hurt those SEOs who were already focused on writing high quality content with natural keywords.

How to Change with SEO

Since SEO is based on what search engines do, it’s likely that there will always be change in the air. That sort of atmosphere can be stifling for a business expecting the same old, the same old, but it’s actually refreshing for marketers who are constantly looking for something new and brilliant to drive traffic and please the adoring public. While Google constantly has algorithm updates, there will always be a way to further optimize and make sites more visible to search engines and users.

The key is to always have a stream of fresh and unique content. This improves a site’s chances to receive natural referrals from highly ranked and authoritative sources. As you receive more links and get more attention, you’ll see that it’s much more important to have natural content than something stuffed with keywords and spun into spammy black holes.

Of course, content has to be updated daily and moved around the web. The only way that content can be seen is if you are actively pursing links and authoritative sources that want to participate in the conversation you’ve started. The best way to do that is through social media.

Is Social Media the New Way to SEO?

Social media is still a relatively new frontier for marketers. There’s a lot that can go wrong when businesses decide to start an SEO campaign and involve social media. For one thing, users don’t appreciate a business who spams too many internet marketing materials. There are ways to attract visitors and gain fans, but there are a ton of factors that go into making sure your brand aligns with the right marketing strategy that won’t offend the very audience you’re trying to impress. There are various social media marketing methods to get ahead with your business, and it’s important that you combine multiple approaches to keep up with your audience.