What SEO Efforts Waste Precious Time?

In business, everything feels like it’s going at the speed of light. SEO isn’t any different. Whether you own a small business site or run an entire SEO services site, every day is a battle to beat the clock to get everything done and defy competitors as you soar up in rankings. Most site owners and beginner SEOs do not realize that they may be letting certain tasks get the better of them. There are some tasks that don’t need to happen every day, and some might just be able to go in the trash bin forever. What are these SEO tasks cluttering up your to-do list? Here’s the rundown:

Checking Site Traffic Daily

It’s on your mind probably every minute you’re at the office in some cases, but it’s not beneficial to check your traffic every day as much as you feel it is. However, that’s a difficult concept since if there’s no traffic, there’s likely no business. The one point to realize is that traffic doesn’t really mean that much if the traffic you do get converts into customers. You should also be thinking about ways to increase traffic through optimization instead of checking traffic. Is your site compatible on every browser? Can mobile users use your site? Have you paid for a SEO campaign and yet haven’t received organic traffic? These questions are better ways to spend your time when debating on what’s going on with your website traffic and sales. If you check traffic every day as often as possible, you’re not making the best use of your precious time.

Keyword Density Problems

Some SEOs are so focused on keyword density that they don’t realize what the real problem is. For instance, does each density of keywords coincide with long-tail keyword phrases? Should this sentence be replaced to make room for more keywords? The truth is that keywords are only important to help search engines figure out what you’re writing about. Too many keywords will “spoil the meat,” so to speak. You can naturally achieve an optimum keyword density if you write about specific products, services and news by aiming for quality over quantity. You’ll think of keywords naturally to fit into your article that aren’t obvious like “home makeover service Orlando FL,” which appears very forced to a reader.

Let’s Not Do Article Spinning

It can take an extraordinary amount of effort to spin articles even with the most adept software, and Google has caught on. It’s no longer viable for anyone to copy content and spin articles just by changing a few words around. While the more content you have likely also means that your rankings will be higher, but if you are spinning, it’s not going to help you keep any readers that find your headlines interesting. SEOs spend time cultivating high quality content that will interest a reader and naturally fit with keywords. Article spinning is tempting when you’re running out of time, but spend 10 to 15 minutes thinking of titles to work on next for content instead.