Tips for Planning Mobile App Development

Most businesses today are considering whether they need to get a mobile app. As many studies have shown, mobile users are steadily increasing, and they’re doing more than browsing online. They are looking for games, products to buy and asking for new content from their favorite businesses. If you don’t have a mobile application yet, there are some things to consider before jumping into web development.

Cost of Your App

There are essentially two models for application payment. You can choose to have a free mobile app or a premium mobile app. If you choose to go with free, you may want to have advertising in your application to monetize your application. If you end up spending a lot of money on developing your app, you may have no choice but to charge people to download your application. However, this means that you have to provide something truly unique to get people interested especially if they are accessing your content from a search engine.

Understand Your Customers

You also have to consider where your customers are accessing their content from. This is why it’s essential to have cross platform mobile applications for your small business. You should have an application that works for Android, iPhone and iPad at the very least. You should also be looking at what your customer’s needs are. What do they frequently come to your site looking for? If it’s a certain product or service, you should make sure to have that as a prime feature in your mobile application.


You should also consider the publishing process for each app store. The app store approval process is entirely different for Apple than it is for Android. Apple typically takes two weeks and charges a fee to approve applications while Android is instant and free.

These are the essential things to consider when going into mobile app development. In addition, you also have to consider theme, easy navigation, compatibility and social media when building your app for the right user experience.