Why Authorship and Quality Content Matter

The word content is sort of boring. It already implies that it’s just words on a page without any meaning. Instead of thinking about content, you should think about articles, blog posts, news, important updates, promotions and educational topics that have some meat to them. Otherwise, Google classifies content without a meaning as spam, and you definitely don’t want to be placed in that category. A content strategy has to be clearly presented and even attractive to your reader. Otherwise, readers are not going to pay attention to what you have to say, and it may be something truly awesome for your business like a new mountain bike that’s 50 percent off today in honor of Bicycle for a Day. To grow your authoritative content and impress Google, quality content is key, and it doesn’t hurt to include something called Google Authorship.

Create Value in Everything You Type

With the right keywords, a post is on its way to being seen, but it’s not necessarily going to be shared unless you have high quality content. To do that, you have to create value for your readers. Copywriters at VR Business Marketing have worked for years in SEO, marketing, research and specializations in a variety of industries.

To create value, VR Business Marketing uses a few different ingredients:

  • Emotional response
  • Perceived value
  • Utility
  • Point of view

While content doesn’t have more value if it includes all of these ingredients, you can add value by using each of these four individually or by combining one or two of them into a single post or article. New York Times is recognized as one of the top read news sources online and in print. Their content reflects the following:

  • Emotional responses: awe, anger, anxiety and sadness
  • Practical utility
  • Author fame
  • Word count
  • Interest
  • Surprise

Perceived value of an article can come down to authorship and utility. However, it’s also important to evoke an emotional response from your readers.

Now Add in Link Bait

Just like baiting a fish hook, you have to have something attractive and delicious to get readership. For some people, that’s an AuthorRank to others it’s a high quality picture. These are a few other ways that you can add link bait to your articles:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Interview series
  • Picture slide
  • How-to guide
  • Q&A (preferably with someone interesting)
  • Webinar
  • Expert author

If you can imagine combining all of those into one, you’d have the ultimate content for your site.

Why Authorship is Important

Google updated its algorithms last year to include a new feature called Google Authorship or AuthorRank. Basically, an author writes a post and links to his or her profile on Google+. That author gets a ton of +1’s and shares, which ultimately sends that content up the ranks with┬ásocial signals. That author gets to the top of the page with a picture icon and snippet on top of all the other results. You can see why that would be valuable.

Google Authorship takes time to cultivate, but as long as you have high quality copywriters on your site with in-depth profiles, high quality content and quality profile pictures, you’ll likely get some shares and likes out of it.