WordPress Custom Plugins Offer Power and Flexibility


Building an effective website these days involves using a good content management system that offers both flexibility and powerful tools. In all aspects the WordPress CMS is among the best available. A website always starts with a strong foundation. This foundation enhances the effectiveness of your site. Fortunately, WordPress is the type of content system that can do all of that and a lot more.

WordPress plugins are an integral part of their content platform. While other website builders provide few options to do dynamic website enhancements, WordPress plugins are coded software that are designed to accomplish specific tasks. There are thousands of plugins that offer users a wide range of special features. Thanks to WordPress being open source, any third party developer that has a great idea for a new plugin can create one and offer it to the public. For example, Mobile App Innovator is a wonderful plugin to help create customized mobile apps for WordPress. This is why plugins have continued to grow in popularity.

Types of WordPress Plugins
The two basic types of plugins that are used on the WordPress platform are drop-in and mess-with formats. When selecting which plugins to use for your particular website it is important to know the difference.

Drop-In Plugins
The most popular type of plugins are ones where the user is able to simply upload it to their account and activate it through the administration panel. For anyone that values their time and wants software that is powerful but still simple to use, a drop-in is the best choice. These require no special effort to manage.

Mess With Plugins
On the other hand, a plugin that is considered mess-with means exactly that. It can literally be messed around with to get it to do different functions. These are great for people that have some advanced knowledge of web software and wish to further customize how the plugin operates on the site. For those people wishing to use these more sophisticated versions there may be online tutorials that provide instructions.

Important Plugins for New Sites
WordPress plugin choices are so numerous that it is easy to feel like a kid in a candy store. However, there are certain types of recommended plugins that every site owner should consider uploading for basic website management.

As popular as WordPress is among users, unfortunately, due to its open source coding it is equally popular with hackers. Protecting a new site from this type of unwelcome invasion should be a top priority. There are several great plugins that offer excellent anti-hacker security.

Data Backup
Many people never think about putting in place a backup for their website, until it is too late. A website can go down at anytime for any reason, causing website content on the site that is not backed up to be lost – sometimes it’s gone forever. To avoid this mishap, upload a data backup plugin that stores all content. A site can quickly be restored when necessary.

A website is useless unless it can be found by others online. An SEO plugin is essential to optimizing a site for the search engine marketing.